Print Audits

A Print Audit is designed to answer the Who What When How of document printing. With a detailed picture of how your printing is done , who is printing, what is being printed and when is it being printed, we can offer a bespoke solution to such diverse business issues such as reducing costs, increasing document security, enhancing document workflows, meeting CSR targets, and reducing the burden on IT departments.

Initial Briefing

At the first stage we will attempt to assess what you would like to achieve. This could be to reduce costs, increase quality, improve accessibility of print devices, cost recovery (departmental billing) or simply to find out how much copying and printing is occurring in your organisation and how much this is costing.

Fact Finding

The next stage is to investigate the current situation. In order to find out the needs of the organisation we will look into exactly how the current copy and print devices are used. By observing and asking the right questions, our experienced team of print consultants will identify the areas needing attention. If required we can also use software, such as print audit 6, to get an accurate record of exactly what is being printed when and where.

Detailed Report

Using all the data we have collected we will then present a number of detailed options, depending on the objectives that we identified in the initial briefing.

The most common scenario would see us using the data obtained to recommend the best combination of print and copy devices and software solutions that will deliver the optimum benefits in terms of costs and efficiencies. The data obtained from our print audit allows us to show the exact cost savings and increased efficiencies that will be made.

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